Procurando Nosso Espaco 

Layering samba, capoeira, blues, and funk, Procurando Nosso Espaço is an exploration of how women throughout the African Diaspora carve out and claim space through popular art; both embodying and transforming tradition and society. The circle draws us together to spiral through the lines that divide the stage from the street, memory from future, movement from writing, and art from scholarship. This performance was developed as a part of my senior thesis project in Cultural Anthropology - Mandando a Roda, Mandando o Mundo: Afro-Brazilian Women Embodying and Transforming Tradition and Society through Samba and Capoeira – which explored the role of afro-Brazilian dance and movement traditions in afro-Brazilian women’s sense of identity and citizenship. The work is based on ethnographic fieldwork I conducted in 2011 in Bahia, Brazil.


Me Too Monologues, Duke University, 2012

Judgement Day


Me Too Monologues is an annual show about identity, written, performed, and produced by members of the Duke community. Students, alumni, and faculty submit stories of their experiences and we turn them into a documentary theatre performance. We began in 2009 as a show focused primarily on race, ethnicity, and culture, but over the years have expanded to include a broader concept of identity.


Body Love, February 2011, Develle Dish,

To My Peers, November 211, Develle Dish

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BSA celebrates anniversary of Allen Takeover


Students assess Duke mascot, gender norms


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