2nd and 1/2 Generation

Today I cut mangoes 
Soft and overripe, bought on sale 3 for $1 
I let the juice run down my hands and thought of my grandmother 
As the bright orange fragrance filled the room memories wafted around me
Not of an island homeland – verdant, filled with breezes and ‘ya mons’ 
But of cool linoleum and A.C. 
Concrete rivers leading to pavement stripmalls 
A South Florida retirement community 
And my grandparents house 
On a canal haunted by alligators 
4 mango trees anchor the house 
one for each side 
 Julie, Hayden, Number 11, Bombay 
Each type a character – a personality, quality, flavor and character I know well
My friends during long, hot summers 
Picked each morning and stored in the bottom door of the refrigerator 
Cold and sweet 
I fumble from bed, sleep still heavy in my eyes, to choose the perfect one 
Sliced with a knife, scooped with a spoon 
A sweet, sticky connection to an island I barely know,

but love 


(Copyright Alison Kibbe 2013)

Copyright Alison Hall Kibbe 2014